About Eilam, Israeli Musicians' Performing Rights Society

EILAM is the collecting society of the Israeli musicians and its mission is to license the use of recorded music and videos embodying performers' rights protected materials for public performance broadcast and new media use.

It should be noted that the Israeli legislator chose to limit the performer's legal protection in Israel and protect only performances recorded within the borders of Israel. This means that sound recordings and music videos recorded abroad are not protected by the Israeli Performers' Rights legislaton of 1984.

Israel has ratified the Rome Convention in December 2002 but used the reservations possible under the Convention, to the effect that the protection extended to performers of other Rome Convention member states covers only live broadcasts and excludes phonograms.

Trough it's licensing EILAM allows all of Israel's radio and television stations, cellular services and internet content providers to legally use the recorded performances of Israeli performers in their transmissions and/or services.

Similarly EILAM's public performance licenses, allow clubs, shops, restaurants, bars, and other music users across the country to use sound recordings and music videos.

The income EILAM generates is distributed to thousands of musicians providing crucial income for those creative individual performers.

EILAM leads a constant campaign to uphold and strengthen performers' rights both domestically and internationally.

The sectors from which EILAM derives revenues include:

– Television broadcasting (including cable and satellite)

– Radio broadcasting

– Public performances

– Cellular services

– Internet uses

– Private copying levy (also known as blank media levy)

EILAM's mission is to manage the rights and maximize the earnings from the broadcast and public use of recorded music and videos, and distribute them in the most efficient manner possible.

EILAM's goals are:

– To create maximum value for our performer members.

– To implement and maintain first class processes, systems and data.

– To provide first class service to all our customers.

– To sustain a strong and ambitious staff in an environment that encourages and rewards commitment and delivery of results.

EILAM's Board

There are currently 12 directors on EILAM's board comprising of musicians representing all music genres. Between them they represent a vast knowledge and experience and contribute their perspectives enabling EILAM to achieve its goals. The board meets 6 times a year.

The Managing Group

EILAM's office is operated by a small staff headed by the general manager, deputy general manager, legal advisor, data manager, inspection manager, accounting manager and the secretariat

Contact Us

EILAM Israeli Musicians’ Collecting Society

6 Rabin square, Tel Aviv 64951, Israel

Dan Gottfried, General Manager

E: dan@eilam.org.il

T: +972 3695 9355 ext-2

F: +972 3696 3528

Yosef Menachem, Deputy General Manager

E: yosi@eilam.org.il

T: +972 3695 9355 ext-3

F: +972 3696 3528

Revital Amir, Advocate. Legal Advisor

E: revital@eilam.org.il

T: +972 3695 9355 ext-4

F: +972 3696 3528

Meital BarAm, Secretariat

E: meital@eilam.org.il

T: +972 3695 9355 for English menu please dial -1 or hold the line

F: +972 3696 3528

Office hours:

Sunday-Thursday 09:00-16:00